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Find Clients for Your Spiritual Business
Fine-Tuning Your Target Market

Spiritual Marketing - Get Help Finding Clients for Your Spiritual BusinessFor your spiritual business to succeed, you must build it on firm foundations. Ask yourself, what is the most essential element in running a prosperous spiritual business? You'll probably answer something like, "My clients are the most essential element in my spiritual business, because my whole aim is to serve their needs and fuel their spiritual growth."

You are absolutely right. Your clients are the ones who make your spiritual business thrive. Without clients, you wouldn't be in business!

When it comes to spiritual marketing, this is a key factor that many spiritual business owners overlook: the importance of knowing who your clients are, understanding what their needs are, and showing them how you can fulfill those needs.

In other words, you must identify your target market.

So who is your market - and how can you reach them?

You can reach the target market for your spiritual business in two ways:

Offline methods of advertising, such as passing out business cards, buying ad space in New Age magazines and newspapers, etc.

Online methods of spiritual marketing, like having a well-constructed Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website that does all your advertising for you 24/7 - at a low cost.

Thanks to the Internet, spiritual business owners have more ways than ever to market their spiritual businesses to the right people.

The power of the Internet is that it allows a traditional spiritual business owner to evolve way beyond the "place flyers on bulletin boards in Health Food Stores and New Age Bookstores" type of marketing.

But with massive possibilities to reach people online, there's an even greater need to get focused on who you want to reach!

Case Study of Two Spiritual Business Owners

Anne is a yoga teacher and Paul is a Reiki master. Both of them have important services to offer, but they have not taken the time to identify their target market. Both of them assume that "everyone" can benefit from their services, and therefore they take a blind approach to spiritual marketing.

While on some level everybody could indeed benefit from yoga or Reiki, it's simply a fact that not everyone will be looking for these services.

Imagine how much more fine-tuned their spiritual marketing approach would be if they did take the time to identify their target market for their spiritual business!

If Anne and Paul narrowed down their target market and focused their spiritual marketing on the customers who are actively looking for their services, their businesses would thrive. They would both be actively fulfilling their goals to help others - while making a good income at the same time.

Without identifying their target market, they'd continue to plod along, waiting for the "right" customers to magically appear at their doorstep, leaving it all up to "fate."

Don't wait for fate - take action by identifying the target market for your spiritual business.

Spiritual business owners can waste precious time, energy, and resources if they try to market their spiritual business to "everybody," while believing they only need to rely on fate. For instance, if Paul doesn't narrow down his target market, he won't know where to find his potential customers. So if he pays for a 30-second advertisement on a local television station, he'll be wasting his time and resources because his audience will be too broad.

Where can spiritual business owners advertise their businesses and be sure to reach their target market?

Spiritual Business Marketing on the Internet

Marketing your spiritual business on the Internet is one of the best ways to get new and repeat customers.

For example, Anne and Paul are two spiritual business owners who would both greatly benefit from having strong websites that follow Search Engine Marketing in their design and content. If they had properly constructed websites, then their target market would be finding them.

How does Search Engine Marketing work? Is it really that easy?

The answer is yes. When people seek information or services online, they type keywords into a search engine. The search engine brings up a slew of results. A website that is constructed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind will appear at the top of those search results. Therefore, the people who visit their websites will be people who are already seeking information or services related to yoga or Reiki.

In other words, their target market will be finding them!

But in order to construct a website that attracts the target market for your spiritual business, you'll still need to identify exactly who your target market is. That way, you can build a website that provides the content that they are looking for.

Find the Target Market For Your Spiritual Business

To narrow down your target market within your chosen niche, consider the following factors to begin with:

♦ Gender
♦ Age
♦ Marital status
♦ Level of income
♦ Education level
♦ Hobbies and interests
♦ Occupation
♦ Location
♦ Race

All of these factors are important, and none of them should be overlooked. Even if these factors seem "obvious," it helps to be consciously aware of them to better tailor your marketing program to your spiritual business. This will affect how your advertising and marketing is designed too.

These factors can become even more specific depending on the particular spiritual business. For instance:

A holistic day care center will be looking for people with young children.
A homeopath will be looking for people with health issues.
Anne, the yoga teacher, will be looking for people who could benefit from yoga lessons for health reasons, for spiritual reasons, or both.
Paul, the Reiki master, will be looking for people who have mental or physical health concerns, and may be suffering from stress or chronic illness.

It is vitally important for your spiritual marketing approach that you understand the needs of your demographic. What is it that your potential customers are looking for, and how is it that your spiritual business will be able to fulfill those needs? A spiritual marketing coach can help you clarify these needs and focus your spiritual marketing efforts to bring you the right customers and prospects.

Be Specific in Your Spiritual Business Marketing

When you narrow down your target market, it is importance to get as specific as possible. No matter how "obvious" these factors seem to you, don't overlook anything at all! The more specific you get with your target market, the more you'll understand their needs.

Here is an example of focusing in on the benefits of your spiritual business:

In the holistic day care example above, you can be certain that most parents looking for a holistic day care don't want a day care that feeds the children greasy potato chips and has pictures of SpongeBob on the walls. Instead, they will want a center that offers a well-rounded approach to learning and offers a curriculum that teaches children about nature, spirituality, and cross-cultural understanding.

While this may be "obvious" to the people who run the day care, it may not be so obvious to parents who are looking for the right day care for their child. They may not realize that "holistic day care centers" even exist. Therefore, spiritual businesses such as this holistic day care center need to identify their target market to include such parents - and design their advertising materials to clearly explain:

 Which services, programs, and conveniences they offer;

 How these services and programs are provided, and

 How children will benefit from their holistic day care center - as opposed to a "typical" day care center instead.

Here's another example of how specific you can be in your spiritual marketing:

A homeopath will be looking for clients who have chronic health problems. These will be people who are either wary of conventional medicine, or who have exhausted the traditional approaches to healthcare and are now seeking alternative methods of healing. The homeopath's potential clients are those who seek meaningful, individual attention to their health concerns. They don't want to be just another "faceless case file."

By understanding these very specific needs of someone who might benefit from homeopathic treatment, the homeopath can tailor their marketing materials to show how they are different from traditional doctors. They can assure potential clients that they will provide a compassionate, attentive ear throughout the entire process.

Do you see how important it is to not only focus in on the target market for your spiritual business, but to also understand the needs of your potential clients or customers? In addition to clarifying your target market, a spiritually-minded marketing coach will help you identify the best way to present your spiritual business to that market. This will help yield the most fruitful results for your spiritual marketing efforts.

Making Your Spiritual Business Thrive

Identifying your target market can make or break any business - and a spiritual business is no exception. Always be as specific as possible when you identify your target market, because this will help the right people to find you. Being specific will also help you present the right image to that target group. Once you narrow down the target market for your spiritual business, the Law of Attraction comes into play as you visualize the right customers and write down the types of people they will be.

As a spiritual marketing coach, I can help you identify the target market for your spiritual business, which will increase the likelihood of greater returns on your time, money and efforts spent towards marketing. You will get faster results, better results, and your marketing dollars will be more efficiently spent. Time is a valuable commodity, and effective marketing will make the best use of it!

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